DESERT BAJA ISRAEL is governed by Israel Traffic Law, FIA regulations, ILAKA regulations (Israel Motorsport Federation) and Event Supplementary Regulation.

During "Baja Desert Israel" Organizers will provide three different categories of competition:
1. EETTS - Baja. Navigation with Roadbook. The fastest wins. Results count for EETTS classification
2. GPS - Baja. Navigation with GPS route. The fastest wins. Results do not count for EETTS.
3. Raid - Baja. Navigation with GPS or roadbook. Regularity race. Competitor chooses the way of navigation. The most precise in timing wins. Results do not count for EETTS.
Vehicles accepted:
  • FIA T1, T2, T3S, T3P, T4
  • Non-FIA TH, SSV
  • Motorcycles and Quads

Supplementary Regulation  - Final

Technical Regulations

DESERT BAJA ISRAEL Supplementary Regulation

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